Texas Dealer Training Course Reviews

Excellent course …excellent instructor. Clear and easy, good, new information for my business…thank you
Javier Gonzalez
Texas Dealer Review
Amigos Used Cars
Houston, Texas

Great Training!
I would recommend the course for anyone who’s willing to become an Texas Automobile Dealer.
The information was very helpful, it wasn’t hard to understand.
The course was simple & understandable.
I appreciate your time.
Akeiba Milligan
Irving, Texas

What a fantastic course!!! Very very informative & tons of useful tools to refer back to as often as needed.
Delus did a great job keeping this on track & interesting.
Some of the subject matter is hard to make fun but he does a great job with it.
Do yourself a favor and use Texasdealers.com for your training needs!!
Travis Cooper
Lubbock, Texas

Thank you for an excellent course. As an attorney and long time auto dealer compliance manager, I have taken (and even taught for many years) numerous Dealer Training courses for several states and I found this course, its presentation, and presenter to be very professional, informative, and easy to follow.
Excellent Job! I recommend this course to anyone who is beginning their path to becoming a legitimate vehicle dealer.
Marc Bonanni
Caramel Dealer Services
San Antonio, Texas

I am very happy and satisfied with this 6-hour intensive course, Delus Johnson's way of explaining is 100% professional, clear and concise, so it is understandable to everyone in general, I appreciate that there is such an important and valuable education within reach of all new entrepreneurs.
Ana Gallardo
Texas Dealer License Student Pharr, TX
F and G Auto Sales
Pharr, Texas

I don’t have words to express how satisfied I am with this training course that this instructor provides. He is excellent, knowledgeable, a man with accumulated experience, I have had a positive experience taking this training. The instructor was very good at explaining all the details of the course in a meaningful way. He broke down all details of every subject in to pieces to make it clear and understandable. I learned a lot taking this training thanks to this man’s skills and ability to be able to share his excellent knowledge and experience in the field…I give a million stars
Teodoro Nguema
Dallas Texas Dealer License Class
Houston, Texas

The dealer license course was easy to navigate through. Very detailed.
Kendall Ingram
texas dealers student
Luftin, Texas

I really enjoyed the course. It was very informative and easy.
Felicia Hinojosa
Texas Dealer License Graduate
A&N Morales Auto Sales
Waco, Texas

Muy buen video, muy bien explicado y muy facil de entender!
Olga Villarreal
El Paso, Texas

Very thorough and very useful information. What was AWESOME was the instructors clear explanations of detail. When questions formed inside my mind after one piece of info, it was always followed by the instructor putting them to ease! I had a question or two throughout the course that I needed further explanation and the instructor was quick to respond. definitely recommend.
Halil Yazicioglu
Sachse, Texas

This has been one of the most enjoyable courses I have ever taken, I was so afraid not to pass or if i couldn't understand it but the person giving the course with those examples made it so easy for me to understand it, yes its a little long but i think it its the perfect amount or time for a person to understand how a dealer works, I have learned many things that i had no idea a dealer can or cannot do, I am definitely going to memorized all the videos and the manual even more because I want to make no mistake and I don't know maybe I'll became the next trainer in that course I just took (lol) Thank you, I enjoyed way more than what I thought.
Olga Razo
Picture of Person in TX Dealer Class
Luyi Autos
Crosby, Texas

Very Good!
Esther Ramos
Texas Dealer License Student
Lions R and R
Dallas, Texas

This pre-licensing training is a very good idea and very informative and very user friendly.
I love the fact that I can always come back to view the videos and download more materials that makes my business more easy to operate.
Well narrated and simplified
Akintunde Ayinde
Texas Dealers License Student
Legendary Gold Autos LLC
Houston, Texas

I feel that this training was very educational and informative. It goes into detail and specifically points out the things that you shouldn’t do and what the repercussions are if you do so. I feel that I learned a lot. I like the fact that he repeats himself on the subjects that are very crucial. It honestly did not feel like six hours it went by pretty quickly.
Guadalupe Perez
 Texas Dealer License Student
Filerio Motors
El Paso, Texas

What an excellent Instructor to help me with my courses very informational. Completely satisfied!!!.
Lillie Degner
Lion's Auto
Lacy Lakeview, Texas

It was a good and knowledgeable experience when I did this course.
Came across lot of rules which are not known to me, better web use and maintaining records and compliance.
Good job!
Nadeem Hussain
Texas Dealer Review
Affordable Cars
Tyler, Texas

Great training, I have been in the dealership world for a while, the car business is really an open book and this taught me many things I did not know.
Will definitely be seeing these videos multiple times to make sure I have 100% compliance because that returns to 100% profits
Raul Lozano Santos
Enis, Texas

This was a great experience
Beverly Green
Texas Dealer License Training Graduate
Lone Oak, Texas

I have operated 2 dealerships in Texas and have experience of 8 years in a car industry.
Finally I decided to go solo and opened up my own place and let me tell you this course was very refreshing.
Good job
Rabit Hajiyev

Sun City Motors
Lubbock, Texas

The class was very informative. I got a 100% on one of the sections. Thanks for everything.
Robert Polk
Dallas Dealer License Student
Dallas, Texas

Very informative and to the point. Loved the course! I strongly recommend taking this course!
James Gibson
Dealer License Studen
Burleson, Texas

Very informative and clarification on policies and procedures to help operate your business accordingly
Jorge Muniz
Texas Dealer License Student
Jandra Group
El Paso, Texas

The course was great and very informative. I highly recommend it. Seems long at first ,but it actually went by pretty fast.
Enrique Garcia
Texas Dealer License Student
Affordable Auto Plex
Houston, Texas

All the course are really helpful and I learned a lot from them I would highly recommend to others
Jose Sanchez
TX Dealer License Student
Grand Prarie, Texas

Excellent Course!
Hossein Alvizadeh
Plano, texas

This course was very simple and educational. I recommend it to everyone in the car business.
Mark Moore

Desoto, Texas

Great course, I learn a lot and I have a great time.
Juan Benitez
Houston Dealer License Studend
Caribe Truck Sales
Arlington, Texas

Great - loved being able to access whenever it was convenient.
Kim Pittman
Picture of Person Opening Car Dealer Lot in Texas
Pittman Logistics LLC
Rockwall, Texas

I give them 5 stars. He is amazing.
Imad Al Adawi
Picture of Dallas Dealer Student
IH Auto Sales
Princeton, Texas

Great training and I would recommend to anyone trying to get their dealer license in TX!
BK Stone
Texas Eagle Auto Sales
Houston, Texas

Mohammad Albrghouthi
Texas Dealer Course
Dallas, Texas

Very informative!
Lazhari Merzougui
North Richland Hills, Texas

Great Course
Ung Han
Texas Dealer Training Lot Certificate
EDC Investments LLC
Dallas, Texas

Honestly this is a class a good dealer MUST not miss for anything.
Its 100% explanatory, and i want to say a big thank to my instructor.
Babatunde Fafiyebi
Tunniks Investment Global
Katy, Texas

Although it was a long course, all information was vital and informative.
Learned so much more than what I had learned from other people about having a dealer license.
Will highly recommend the course for anyone that wants to get their dealer license.
Jose Hernandez
Missouri City, Texas

The dealership training was really exceptional and benefactors. I didn't just only worked toward the certificate but also increased my academic understanding and experience in regulations governing the Dealership process in the United States of America . As a graduate student with huge business interest, I will serve as a mentor for many who don't know about this. Especially international students like me that are interested in doing similar business why in school. America is a great Country with many opportunities that can accelerate your life with determination.
God Bless the United States of America
Momo Taylor
Person opening a dealer lot in Texas
Lubbock, TX

The information they gave in this course corrected a lot of misinformation I had for a long time.
Pretty awesome course...
Thank you
Abdul Mohd
Members Choice Credit
Houston, Texas

Great course! Easy to follow and accurate. Really appreciate the visuals and captions provided.
Pablo Bonilla
Empire Automotive
Sulphur Springs, Texas

Great Program, very informative!
Hirla Maldonado
Elite Auto Investments
Fort Worth, Texas

I found this training site a pleasant surprise! I was a little confused at first trying to log in. I phoned Mr. Delus Johnson and left a voice message and was surprised at how quickly he returned my call and guided me to reset my login information. Now a days you can't get a real person to help you over the phone.
Ciro Marabillo
Chayros Automotive Sales
Spring, Texas

The course was really easy to understand and very informative. Would highly recommend!
Edwin Ramos
Irving, Texas


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