The Automobile Dealer Training Association is NOT approved to provide Texas Dealer Dealer License Education

Texas Senate Bill 604 has been signed by the Governor of Texas.
Senate Bill 604 requires every dealer in Texas to take a 6 hour web based training course before you obtain your General Distinguishing Number or dealer license.
The new law also requires any person that has held a Texas GDN license for less than 10 years on September 1, 2019 to take a 3 hour web based renewal training course.
Play the videos below to learn more about the new Texas Dealer Law.

Texas Dealer
Pre-License Course
6 Hours

This course is not approved
you are obtaining a Texas
General Distinguishing
Number for the first

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Texas Dealer
Renewal Course
3 Hours

This course is not approved
to renew your General
Distinguishing Number
if you were licensed
after Sept 1, 2009

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Training Videos
Can be Watched
Before you enroll

You may view many of
the training videos in the
course before you enroll.

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We are here to help you obtain and renew your Texas Dealers License!

Texas Dealer License

Delus Johnson-Lead Instructor
Automobile Dealer Training Association