Texas Dealers Motor Vehicle Dealer Transaction

Minimum Required Documents for Texas Dealers

Copy of front and back of title signed by buyer and dealer
Bill of Sale/Retail Sales Contract or Installment Contract if installment payments are made (Print from Dealer Software)
Form 130-U
Federal Trade Commission Buyers Guide (Texas Dealers use first and third page only, not the Implied Warranties page)
Federal Trade Commission Buyers Guide Spanish Version

Possible Additional Documents

Dealer Reassignment Form VTR-A (if all spaces are full on back of title, available from Regional Service Center)
VTR-904 License Plate Transfer form used when transferring a license plate from one vehicle to another
Sales Tax Exemption Certificate Form 14-312 (for vehicles taken out of state)
Motor Vehicle Seller-Financed Sales Tax
Privacy Statement If handling financing, can also be provided by your attorney or printed with financing software
Form 14-313 Used when purchasing vehicle to resell

Any additional forms recommended by your attorney, State, County, or Municipal authorities


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Texas Dealer License

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