Texas Dealer eLICENSING System

Texas Dealers must apply for a dealers license through the Texas eLICENSING system. Paper applications for a dealer license in Texas are no longer allowed.

You will learn how to apply for your dealer license step by step on the eLICENSING system in your dealer training course.

Submitting Your Texas Dealer License Application via eLICENSING

The application for your Texas dealer license must be submitted electronically through the eLICENSING system. The TxDMV no longer accepts mailed in applications. The online application submission must be completed in full and electronically signed by at least one owner.

In addition to the business owner, the application can also be signed by an authorized representative. Failure to complete any portion of the application may prevent the application from being submitted. Correct dealer license applications will allow the TxDMV to grant your license in a much quicker manner.

Mistakes on the dealer license application submission can lead to substantial delays of license approval. The individual completing the application is answering truthfully and all questions apply to all partners, LLC members or managers, or any directors, officers, or owners of the business, not just the person completing the application. Some owners and partners may not be listed on the license.

The person who completes and signs the application is representing all owners truthfully. Filing false statements of material fact on a dealer license application can lead to the denial of the initial application, possible suspension of the dealer license in the future, or may even lead to possible criminal charges.

Be sure all the information you enter on the dealer application is truthful and correct.


You will need the following information before you submit your application through the eLICENSING system:

• Employer Identification Number

• Scanned copy of all corporate and/or registration papers filed with the Texas Secretary of State if operating as a Corporation, LLC, LP, or LLP

• Scanned copy of Assumed Name Certificate for each Doing Business As (DBA) for Sole Proprietors and General Partnerships

• Scanned copy of driver’s license, passport, official ID card, or Texas concealed handgun permit of all partners, LLC members or managers, or any directors, officers, or owners of the business

• Scanned copy of the dealer surety bond signed by applicant and bonding company representative

• Scanned copy of dealer surety bond Power of Attorney

• Scanned copy of the lease or deed to the property being used as the dealership

• Scanned copy of any facts pertaining to any criminal history of any officer or partner on the license application

• Scanned copy of any court papers which verify the adjudication, dismissal, or decision made regarding the criminal history of any officer or partner on the license application

• Scanned copy of your 6-hour dealer educational course Certificate of Completion

Applying for your Texas Dealer  License

Applying for your Texas Dealer License takes several steps through the eLICENSING system. You will be guided through the entire automated license application process. Some license types will require additional information for that specific license. You will also be required to upload several of the scanned documents which we covered previously. All information you submit must be correct and maintained throughout the licensure period. For example, you may not state you have the minimum amount of office furniture which is required by law and then remove the required office furniture. You must maintain all requirements during your licensure period. If you are not able to complete the entire application process at one time, you may save the application, then finish the application at the place you left at a later date.

Acceptable Forms of Identification:

• Current Driver’s License
• U.S. Passport
• U.S. Armed Forces Identity Card
• State Issued Identity Card
• Texas License to Carry Handgun
• Must Submit for All Owners & Managers Building Lease Requirements
• Lessor & Lessee Business Names
• Complete Business Address for Rental Office (Including Suite Number if Applicable)
• Lease Term • Lessor & Lessee Signatures
• Lease Must be Minimum of Two Years

Dealer licenses in Texas are city specific, if you are moving your location to a new city you must obtain a new license and a new dealer surety bond. When using the eLICENSING system it is recommended to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as you web browser. On the next few pages, you will view a condensed version of TxDMV eLICENSING User Guide for Independent GDN Licenses




We are here to help you obtain and renew your Texas Dealers License!

Texas Dealer License

Delus Johnson-Lead Instructor
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