Texas Dealer webDEALER, eTAG

The Texas webDEALER system was designed to help licensed Texas dealers operate a dealership with a simple internet connection.

It allows Texas dealers to submit title applications to the county assessor-collector offices.

You will learn how to use webDEALER for your Texas dealership in your 6 hour dealer training course.

The webDEALER system allows dealers to process title applications and new registrations online. TxDMV Regional Service Centers may assist county tax offices with setting up dealer access to the system.

webDEALER, and eTITLE &eTAG that we cover later in the course, are now all part of the same operating system. You will be able to use all 3 combined systems with the same user name and password.

This state of the art system will allow you to complete all dealer operations from the comfort of your office. The webDEALER, eTITLE, eTAG system is one reason every licensed Texas motor vehicle dealer is required to have internet access.
In order for you to begin using the combined webDEALER, eTITLE, eTAG system you must first obtain your dealers license from the State. Once you obtain your license you will need to create a user account.

This system will always recognize you, the owner, as the Administrator of the system. Later you will be able to add dealership employees to the system that may have access to more limited features. As the Administrator, you will have access to all system features.
you must contact your county tax assessor-collector’s office before you are able to use the system.


If a Dealer’s Reassignment accompanies the title application, the Dealer’s Reassignment must also be stamped SURRENDERED on the next available assignment or diagonally, if applicable. You must have a SURRENDERED stamp to use at your dealership if you are using the webDEALER system. Any retail office supply company can produce a SURRENDERED stamp for you or just order the stamp from your favorite online printing company.

there are basically two ways to complete a title application, you can complete Form 130-U during the transaction then upload it after the customer has left, OR you may be using some type of Dealer Management Software that will require, I want to show you how to apply WITHOUT a dealer management software system, just in case you are running your dealership without any third party software

The Seller Disclosure information must be completed and saved before you can continue with the title application. The Seller Disclosure page is where you make the choice to upload the Form 130-U OR to file the title application by capturing an electronic signature of the seller (your dealership) and buyer.

If for some reason may the sale you made is exempt from sales tax, for example maybe you sold a vehicle to a not for profit, or maybe you sold a van to a church, they may be exempt from sales tax, if that is the case you would need to enter the reason for exemption.
If you did collect sales tax, which will normally be the case, you will enter the sales tax date, the sales price, any rebates, then a trade in allowance if a trade in was taken

One of the great things about webdealer, is that the system will NOT allow you to apply for titles if you are missing any documents. If you are missing any documents, webdealer will notify you that you have missing documents and will prompt you to upload them. At which time, as you can see on this screen shot you are notified what documents are missing

Licensed dealers in Texas can access the eTAG/webDEALER system here.

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Delus Johnson-Lead Instructor
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