Texas Dealer License Renewal Course-TxDMV Approved!

Texas Dealer Course Renewal Information

In September of 2019 the Governor signed Senate Bill 604 which requires most dealers in the State of Texas that hold a Motor Vehicle License and were licensed for the first time AFTER September 1, 2009 to take a one-time, web based 3-hour dealer renewal training course.

This is not a new annual or semi-annual continuing education requirement, the State is not requiring dealers to take a continuing education course every 2 or 3 years, it is a business-friendly one-time requirement in order for you to renew your Texas dealer’s license.

Texas Dealer Compliance Education

You probably recall the learning curve that you had to navigate when you first obtained your dealers license, for example how did you learn about Inventory Declaration or VIT statements. You may have learned the ropes of running your dealership when you received fines from the State. Many dealers learned how to run a dealership in Texas when they received fines from the state for infractions.

Texas Dealer License Renewal Course

The Automobile Dealer Training Association Dealer Renewal Course is approved by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles is designed to help you run your dealership, maintain your compliance. You may even learn about some regulations that you are currently unaware of, and we are going to do our best to ensure you know how to run your dealership in compliance with all Texas and Federal Laws

Dealer Renewal Course Topics

In your dealer renewal course we are going to give you a quick compliance review to ensure your building, office, lot etc are in compliance with state dealer laws, we are going to cover the new odometer laws that just went into effect on 2021, we cover the brand new dealer surety bond law that took effect on September 1, of 2021, the new law changes your bonding requirement and also requires you post dealer surety bond information right next to your dealers license, so this is a brand new law that you will definitely need to be aware of, if you are interested in increasing your profits we cover documentary fees and what you need to do to if you decide to charge more than $150 if that is something you are interested in we show you how, we cover advertising regulations to ensure you know how to advertise correctly, I am going to show you how to easily look up state laws if you want to find out exactly what is written into law, I will show you how to do that, we cover cash sales, retail installment contracts and repossessions for those of you that are financing your own vehicles, or may you want to break into the buy here pay here side of the business. We will give you an overview on how to correctly charge sales tax, inventory declaration, VIT, I will show you how to add revenue to your dealership by charging for vehicle appraisals, we have a section of your dealer renewal course that will give you a refresher on how to complete titles during a transaction to ensure you are doing that correctly, you will learn how to legally use metal dealer plates, buyer temporary tags, agent specific temporary tags, internet down temporary tags, we will also give a quick review of eTAG, and at the end of your dealer renewal course we will cover the Federal laws the affect operation of your Texas dealership.

Do You Need to Take the Dealer License Renewal Course?

If you were licensed for the first time AFTER, September 1, 2009, then more than likely, you will need to take the 3-hour renewal course in order to renew your dealer license.
However, if you have ten or more years experience and you did not renew your license for a few years you can submit a statement when you are renewing your dealer license and the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles licensing specialist will confirm that you have at least 10 years experience, which would allow you to renew your dealers license without taking the 3 hour dealer renewal course.

If you are not sure exactly how long you have had your dealers license you can call Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Dealer Licensing Specialist at (888) 368-4689 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday to find out the exact dates your licensing term.

Taking Your Texas Dealer License Renewal Course is Easy

The dealer renewal course is very easy to take and if you have never taken an online training course, it is just like watching videos on YouTube, however you will just create a user name and password and our state of the art learning management system will track you progress. You are extremely busy running your dealership and it may be hard for you to find the time to take your training, so if you want to watch all 3 hours today, you can do that, or if you want to watch an hour today, an hour tomorrow, and the final hour next week, you can certainly do that as well and your progress will be automatically tracked. Once you have watched all 3 hours of the video your Official Texas Dealer License Renewal Certificate of Completion will automatically pop up on your screen and you can simply download it, then submit it with your dealer license renewal.

Questions About the Dealer License Renewal Course? Call Us At 800-369-2467 email info@texasdealers.com

If you have specific questions about the dealer license renewal course you can call us at 800-369-2467 or shoot an email to info@texasdealers.com

Thank you very much for considering the Automobile Dealer Training Association as your Texas Dealer License Renewal Partner, when you are ready to start your 3 hour dealer renewal course, just click the blue Enroll Now button at the top right of your screen at texasdealers.com 


We are here to help you maintain compliance with your Texas motor vehicle dealership!

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Delus Johnson-Lead Instructor
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