Texas Dealer 6-Hour Pre-License Course

TxDMV Dealer License Course Information

If you are going to be selling used cars, used trucks, motor homes, recreational off-road vehicles, all-terrain vehicles (ATV's), and utility vehicles (UTV's) you are required by Texas law to complete the 6-hour Dealer Pre-License Course.

If you are starting from scratch with absolutely no idea how to become a Texas motor vehicle dealer, then this training course if for you. Or maybe you were involved with another person’s dealer license in the past, or maybe you worked for dealer and you were doing ALL the work but NOW you want to KEEP all the profits, the Texas dealer training course is for you as well.

We are approved by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles to provide mandated dealer license training. We have trained many, many entrepreneurs just like you.

The Automobile Dealer Training Association 6-Hour Dealer Pre-License course is designed to help apply for your license correctly, help you run your dealership, maintain your compliance, and we are going to do our best to ensure you know how to run your dealership in compliance with all Texas and Federal Laws. When you complete your training you will be confident and ready, not only to apply for your Texas dealers license correctly, but ready to operate your Texas motor vehicle dealership.


If you are only selling motorcycles, travel trailer, independent mobility motor vehicles, utility/semi-trailers you are not required to take the training. Franchised dealers, these are dealers that are selling brand new vehicles, salvage dealers and wholesale auction dealers are not required to take the training as well. If you are going to be a wholesale dealer that will only be selling vehicles to other licensed dealers, you are not required to take the training. Although you may take the training for these license categories if you choose to help you ensure you are maintaining compliance with dealer laws

However, if you plan on selling used cars, trucks, RV’s, ATV’s or UTV’s the State of Texas DOES require that you take the online 6-hour dealer pre-license course.  

The dealer license training course is very easy to take and if you have never taken an online training course, it is just like watching videos on YouTube, however you will just create a user name and password and our state of the art learning management system will track you progress, so if you want to watch all 6 hours today, you can do that, or if you want to watch an hour today, an hour tomorrow, and a few hours hour next week, you can certainly do that as well and your progress will be automatically tracked, once you have watched all 6 hours of the video your Official Texas Dealer License Certificate of Completion will automatically pop up on your screen and you can simply download it, then submit it with your dealer license renewal. Be sure to store your Certificate of Completion in a safe place as it will never expire. So you take the training today and apply for your license today, or you can take the training now and apply for license in the future because the Certificate of Completion NEVER expires.

If you have specific questions about the dealer renewal course you can call us at 800-369-2467 or shoot an email to info@texasdealers.com

Thank you very much for considering the Automobile Dealer Training Association as your Texas Dealer License Training Partner, when you are ready to change your life with a Texas Dealers license just click the blue Enroll Now button at the top right of your screen at texasdealers.com. Thank you very much and good luck with your new business.


We are here to help you maintain compliance with your Texas motor vehicle dealership!

Texas Dealer License

Delus Johnson-Lead Instructor
Automobile Dealer Training Association