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This training provides my partners and I with all of the information necessary to start and maintain a successful business!
Jasmin Escutia
Finders Keepers Classics
Corpus, Texas

I learnt a lot in this course. It was very interesting, interactive & educational. The instructor was super professional & deserves an accolades!! Everything was in detailed, it was a great experience. I highly recommend them to anyone who may which to get his or her Texas Dealer Pre-license Education. They will impact success & knowledge into you!
Solomen Opayemi
Texas Dealer License Course Graduate
Yankee Boy Motors Ltd
Dallas, Texas

Excellent course! At first I was a bit skeptical, thinking it's just another regulatory roadblock on the way to profitability. Turned out to be the exact opposite! The videos are engaging, easy to follow, and pack an incredible amount of information into a short timespan. You'll gain a solid understanding of the legal/backend aspects of running a Texas dealership (including useful tips to make day-to-day management easier). There's a strong emphasis on the important bits, such as compliance, to keep you out of trouble. Some of the rules can be complicated, but the course did a great job of explaining things in simple terms. The links & resources are great, saving a bunch of time (no need to search Google). Overall, it was money/time well spent. Thank you very much!
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Quick straight to the point, you're an awesome instructor
Jason Ruelas
Fort Worth, Texas

The course was really easy to understand and very informative. Would highly recommend!
Edwin Ramos
Irving, Texas

Man I did learn some good stuff. Great content!!!
Gabriel Vaca
Westport Motors
San Antonio, Texas

Great course it was very detailed and thorough. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to be a dealer in Texas.
Dallas, Texas

It’s a very complete course with all the information that you need if you want to start at the business.
Eduardo Gloria
Katy, TX

The course was awesome! Quick and easy!
Victoria, Texas

Very helpful and knowledgeable
Katie Reed
Houston, Texas

Great Refresher!! Was dreading it at first but I am glad the State decided to do this. Thank you!!
Nadia Gomez
Texas Dealer License Training Student
Permian Auto Auctions
Midland, Texas

It was great I really enjoyed it. I learned many many things. Thank you!
Leonard Soloman
Fort Worth, Texas

It was great training. I will always refer many.
Momo Taylor
Lubbock, Texas

It was great I really enjoyed it. I learned many many things. Thank you!
Houston, Texas

Angelica Ayllon
A&R Auto
Houston, Texas

I enjoyed the course it was very educational and I’m ready to go make some money like the instructor said
Tarence Webber
Iconic Auto Sales
Dallas, Texas

Excellent and very interactive
Muhammad Ali Qadir
Katy, Texas

This course is very educational
Edna Hayes
Hayes Auto
Sherman, Texas

I have no complaints with the training course. The one thing I like about the course the most is,
the opportunity to go back into the website and revisit the content when needed.
Marcus Jones
MJ's Value Auto Sales
Houston, Texas

Simple to complete and the instruction was top notch
Ben Barnett
Austin, Texas

The course was very easy to set up also informative made the test easy recommend using Texas dealer training for your online course
Lamberto Vazquez
Vazquez Auto Care
Houston, Texas

The course was very informative. I was surprised to learn that there was so much information to know and understand.
Michael Weaver
Texas Dealer License Student
San Antonio, Texas

This course was awesome
Arron Trammell
Dallas, Texas

Nice Course !
Mustafa Zghier
AmeriAuto LLC
Downton, Texas

Very informative course, easy to navigate. I would highly recommend it.
Shawn Philpot
Man Mode Motor's
Flower Mound, Texas

Great course and was very detailed. Will definitely recommend to family and friends!
Jacqueline Andrews
Irving, Texas

Great training , very clear and finished before I knew it !
Adam mohammed El hatimi
Austin, Texas

I absolutely learned a lot from your tutorial ! The best part of it all was all my initial questions I had before the videos were answered. It’s necessary 100% satisfied!
Crysti Ceasar
Clcs Car Lot
Houston, Texas

A detailed and cleared training. Giving us access to the videos and slides is the most interesting part of it. Thank you
Tunde Ogungbeja
Arlington, Texas

This training course was so quick, easy, and very understanding.
Kagbet Tovi
Garland, Texas


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