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This training was very helpful and informative, and the best is that you can go back to reveiw the videos.
Valentin Guerrero
Guerrero Auto Sales
Brownsville, Texas

I liked the training. Great resources and very good information. Thank you.
Edgar Valverde
Picture of Person getting Houston dealer license
EVG Lone Star Service LLC
Houston, Texas

Easy to watch straight forward process

Very informative, easy to navigate and follow. I recommend it to anyone trying to get their Dealer license.I have referred 3 of my friends. They will be signing up next week.

Very easy to understand and I learned a lot! Would recommend
Jaci Goss
Paris, Texas

it was great i had fun and i learned alot. totally i will. recommend this to my friends :)

Great course, would like to review course but nit sure how
Darsh Kaur
Safebet Auto
Houston, Texas

Fort Worth, Texas

Victor Pacheco
How to open a dealership in Dallas, Texas
Mariachi Auto Sales
Dallas, Texas

The course was set up great. Had no problems and definitely learned a lot.
Louis Balady
Dallas, Texas

Really helpful information. Will learn a thing or two, and will not be disappointed. If you do the steps you’ll see the benefits.

I highly recommend to take the Dealer Training Association through them ,I have alot of information helped me for my new business all the unit was explained very smoothly.
Tareq Almaghariz
Express smart auto sales and services llc
Dallas, Texas

It was great and very comprehensive. Great information. Will use again

Class was very informative and provided many helpful phone numbers, links, and website.
Priscilla Jandres
Willis, Texas

Great course, explained everything i wanted to know, really appreciate it and recommend it
Safe Auto
Cyprus, Texas

Excellent and informative program with very in depth educational material. I thoroughly enjoyed it, keep up the good work.
Samuel Rosas
Olgas Cars 4 Less
Rosenburg, Texas

I enjoyed finishing the course, very helpful thank you
Dorj Ariunbaatar
Cyprus, Texas

The course was very informative and easy to understand. Look forward to becoming a Texas dealer. Thanks.
Selman Bridges
Dallas Dealer Training License Student
Bridges Boys Automotives
Temple, Texas

Great information
Trenton Smith
Dealer License Picture in Houston
All Wheels Automotive
Cedar Hill, Texas

I enjoyed listening to the instructor he was able to keep me awake. I was able to follow along and understand everything Mr.Johnson had to say and he stayed on topic.
Andrea Walker
Houston Dealer License Lot Pic
ALAW's Auto
Winona, Texas

The course was very informative and easy to follow. The reviews at the end of each module helped with taking the tests at the end. The instructor provided relevant information and resources in order to commence the process. I will definitely recommend this course to others seeking a dealer license.
Gerardo Sanchez
Mansfield, Texas

Dealer training was Wonderful very good information. I will refer back to it .. Thanks
Shaun Prejean
Prejean Auto Sales
Mesquite, Texas

Great course! Easy to navigate and very educational!
Rosa Gomez
Austin, Texas

Very knowledgeable course.
Chase Ford
Rockswell, Texas

Very helpful information. Gave me better idea how to run the dealership. It takes almost a day to get it done. Long hours
Ali Khodor
MAKK Technologies
Houston, Texas

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