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Great course, very detailed and easy to follow.
Michael Davis
Houston, Texas

Very good course. Especially appreciated the review on Webdealer and OCCC.
John Jerome
KBF Auto
Katy, Texas

It was really helpful, Thank you so much
Keysi Gavarrete
Dealer License Training in San Antonio Matty
Donna, Texas

Estoy muy emocionada por poder abrir mi negocio y hacerlo de la manera más legal posible.....gracias por el curso me ayudo mucho y tome muchas notas.
Angelica A. Pineda
Port Arthur, Texas

Very informative and educational. Mr. Johnson delivers an amazing tutorial that hits the mark on all points. Thank you
Gechara Charbel
San Antonio, Texas

Clear speech and caption very helpful
Keith Blakemore
Houston, Texas

The course really helped with keeping me updated with any changes and was really refreshing to go over everything!
Julie Armendarizr
El Paso Sterling Autos
El Paso, Texas

Very informative corse.
Cailyn Senese
Houston, Texas

Great course with insightful Materials, very easy to understand and follow. Thank you.
Infinity Autos
Princeton, Texas

Very valuable information that other renewal courses don’t cover!
Sara Gonzalez
Saras Boy
Port Isabel, Texas

Good refresher on what needs to be to operate your Dealership.
Elbert Chang
Vemp Auto Inc
Garland, Texas

Great course!! A great website to easily navigate and go back to the videos !
Michelle Galicia
San Antonio, Texas

Process was the easiest, I love it !
Roderick McClain
Houston Texas Dealer License Lot
Houston, Texas

Great Course!
Gearhead Motors Texas
Tyler, Texas

Great website really easy to use
Ahmed Alaydi
Peak Performance Auto Sell
Dallas, Texas

This dealer license course is great! Very straight forward and helpful, definitely recommend if you are getting licensed!
David Tovar
Garland, Texas

the course was very thourough and provided clear instructions on how to operate a complaint dealership in texas.
Lewisville, Texas

Thanks so much for your valuable training. I really enjoyed it, and appreciated that you made it fun! I feel much better prepared to buy cars and sell and deal with all issues that i may face. Thank you for your greate experience and personable training.
Wail Altom
Irving Texas Car Lot
Irving, Texas

I very thankful I personally feel all the rules and regulations are fair and true and am willing to work and carry out those rules to the fullness of my ability and I wnt to thank Texas for allowing me this opportunity.
Clifton Bishop
Open a car lot in Texarkana, Texas
P's Motors
Texarkana, Texas

The Dealer training course is packed full with useful information that is key to keeping compliance. It is a tool that can be used over and over again to perfect your craft and help you become one of the best car dealers in Texas. I highly recommend that everyone use this as a daily tool.
San Antonio, Texas

great service, very easy to navigate through, and very informational.
Dallas, Texas

This course was so easy to follow and understand. The instructor does a great job of not talking over the audience and repeats parts that are important to ensure you know the level of importance. I highly recommend.
Jay Hatcher
Top Cars
Frisco, Texas

I had so many questions before taking the dealer training course and was so worried that I’d have to figure it out somehow but This coarse literally takes you step by step. I was able to get answers to my questions and so much more. Thank you!
San Antonio, Texas

Great course
Osvaldo Rojas
Garland, Texas

Awsome class, easy to review material. The good resource.
Houston, Texas

Very well explained all items. I did learn a lot and I will recommend it
Gerardo Mendez
Spring Texas Car Dealers
Spring, Texas

Hey there, Without introduction, This course is a must implement for anyone who wants to enter the business of buying and selling cars. Previously, I thought this business was limited to filling few forms with in some signatures and dates, and that’s it. I wouldn’t know how much knowledge that you need to get into this business . Basically this course opens my eyes and gave me the first push to go in right way. Thank you for everyone who contributed to bringing this course to light, and thanks to the presenter of the explanation in this easy, important and practical way. I highly recommend this course to the everyone who wants to enter this field . Almost non-existent costs with a very large benefit. Good bless you.
Fort Worth, Texas

Overall, the dealer course was comprehensive and very helpful. I was able to know how to do the car dealer process principles as well as learn more advanced ones. Additionally, the instructor was in greate experince and well-prepared in his delivery. I recommend this to any one who need to become a car dealer. Good luck evey one
Wail Altom
Dallas Texas Car Dealership
Dallas Auto Deal
Irving, Texas

Very informative, and easy to watch! Learned a lot!
Brownwood, Texas

The course is very clear, help and easy to understand.
Salvador Hernandez
Houston, Texas

I appreciate every minute I spent in front of the education screen, and I thank everyone who worked hard to make this effort reach everyone. Thank you very much
Akeel Sahal
Houston Texas Car Dealership
Mid City Auto Sales LLC
Houston, Texas

Very informative course. Very helpful for people first starting out.
Derrick Tate
Fate, Texas

Great Coarse.
Nassar Tawil
McKinney, Texas

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