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The training was excellent. Materials were properly explain with a lot of simplicity and clarity.
Texas Dealers License San Antonio
Arlington, Texas

Thank you, you have done a very good job, nice and organized.
Adam Awad
Dealer License Training in Dallas Texas
New Tech Motors
San Antonio, Texas

Very comprehensive dealer course with a lot it good intel.
Jay Rampuria
P1 Motorworks
Allen, Texas

It was an incredible and easy going class. I would totally recommend it for people who are up and busy.
Belen Rios
Rios Auto Body and Paint
Houston, Texas

This course was very informative and easy to follow.
Silsbee, Texas

Its a easy website and well organized.
Guzman Aviles
One Motors
Austin, Texas

Good, easy course to relax and go through. Lots of good info and love that the website has all resources to help me along my journey for reference. Thanks for making this mandatory course as painless as possible!
taylor conway
Accent Motor Group
Prosper, Texas

The class was very straight forward and easy to follow. It was concise and gave important details without being long and drawn out.
Christina Emery
Fort Worth, Texas

It was a very informative course
Chancey Marsh
San Antonio, Texas

Not as bad as I thought it would be. The instructor wasn't boring, made the course move smoothly.
William Carpenter
Mansfield, Texas

Great dealer license course very informative
Sid Roberts
Lubbock car guys
Lubbock, Texas

This course was very informative.
Brandi Bryan
Price Rite Auto Sales
Lufkin, Texas

Good course learned alot of good stuff to start my dealership.
Daisy Garcia
Terrill, Texas

I really liked the course. It was very informative. Lots of information that’s necessary to be successful in the car business. I would/will watch it periodically to review. Great job.
Agostus Palmer
Houston, Texas

A1 ! I liked the course a lot and my although the English is not my first lenguaje I got very important information!
Julio Palincia
Fort Worth, Texas

The courses were very informative and was easy to follow. The amount of stuff I learned is amazing. I'm so happy this dealer license course is available for people wanting to start their own dealership. I recommend anyone wanting to pursue the car sales industry to take this course
Rolland Hernandez
San Antonio, Texas

I am working on getting my dealers license and needed to take the dealer course. I found texasdealer on line and I am so glad I did! The corse was very informative and easy to follow along with. I feel that I this is a great course for some one who is new to the busniss or a 20 year vet let my self.
Mark Klein
Burlison, Texas

I think you can have different instructors for different sections instead of the same person presenting which makes it boring
Richard Idowu
Houston, Texas

This was a very good course. Good information about everything you will need to know about becoming a dealer and more.
Houston, Texas

Amazing course! Easy to understand and fast.
Gabriel Morgan
Morgans Imports of Amarillo
Amarillo, Texas

Great course. Information was easily presented and the quizzes made it easy to retain the information learned.
Alexandra Harvel
Dallas, Texas

Easy to take
Shantelle Hawkins
Muscle Girl Auto
DeSoto, Texas

Great course with lots of detail! Would definitely recommend to anyone trying to attain their state required pre-licensing course
Gustabo Medoza
Terrill Auto Group
Terrill, Texas

Really enjoyed the online course. I thought it was well planned and layed out, easy to follow.
The Woodlands, Texas

Hey just to let you guys I’m so happy that watched this course . It was amazing for me I came from Afghanistan with this mindset to open a dealership business here in the United States. This video was huge help for me. Thank you again.
Mohammad Formuli
Fort Worth, Texas

Perfect, simple, easy, quick
Emanuel Mahalean
Genesis Car Sale
College Station, Texas

This has always been my dream to recieve a certificate for my dealer license. The program was pretty helpful and explained alot on how to recieve a dealer license.
Sylvia Herod
Deaer License Student for Texas
S.T.A.R.E & BO
Mesquite, Texas

I like it all I need to how to get my dealership started
Adrian Bluitt
Seagoville, Texas

Great company and easy process
Houston, Texas

very informative and full with resources.
Shaban Waheed
Zayn Motorcard
Houston, Texas

Very educating video. At fist I was overwhelmed with all the paper work that had to be handled when selling a car, but texas dealer training simplified it for me. Awesome training
Eagle Pass, Texas

Very informative course. The videos were easy to follow and understand
Chris Holt
Turf and Soil Management
Alvarado, Texas

I really like the training course answered all my doubts and more instructor is very friendly use easy to understand definitely a useful training will all the links needed to succeed makes me feel the State is 100 percent supportive
Claudia Gonzalez
Texas Dealership Training Class
Mesquite, Texas

Was a great experience. Course was very informative. Thanks
Emmanual Martinez
Aransas Pass, Texas

The Texas Dealer Training was very direct and to the point. Speaker did a great job at keeping the information coming without losing the viewers interest.
Houston, Texas

Great information and a good refresher
Luigi Mendoza
Discount Motors
Mission, Texas

Good training course to get the basics down.
Samual Freidman
Armarillo, Texas

This course is very informative and has a lot of beneficial information needed for a successful business
Debbie Hunter
On The Road RV's
Cresson, Texas

Its a comprehensive training course, enhances a dealer to obtain a full knowledge of all related information to operate his dealer in Texas
Dallas, Texas

Very well presented and informative.
Anthony Delange
Houston Car Lot Dealer Training
San Antonio, Texas

Excellent training course, help me learn more
Junjie Hao
San Antonio Dealer License Class
T and J Auto Sales
Dallas, Texas

I barely opening up my business and this class taught me so much it took me a Lil time to complete because I have children but I enjoyed taking this coarse I would recommend it to other people.
Vanessa Moreno
Kingdom Kars
Lubbock, Texas

This course is so amazing and easy to leering and deserive
Mustafa Altaie
Plano, Texas

What a great dealer training course! It’s pretty hard to make some of this stuff fun & interesting, but Dalus does a great job…So many tools a resources that are available to you afterwards also…Do yourself a favor & use this course, you’ll be happy you did!!
Travis Cooper
Lubbock, Texas

The website is concise, the given information and videos are clear also really helpful.
Austin, Texas

What a fantastic course!!! Very very informative & tons of useful tools to refer back to as often as needed. Delus did a great job keeping this on track & interesting. Some of the subject matter is hard to make fun but he does a great job with it. Do yourself a favor and use Texasdealers.com for your training needs!!
Travis Cooper
Lubbock, Texas

Great courses that covers everything auto dealership needs from starting a new business to operating and maintaining state and federal laws. Thank you so much.
Aysar Hayyawi
McKinney, Texas

Easy to follow and the host made it interesting enough not to fall asleep lol
Emerald Monroe
Epic Auto
Greenville, Texas

Fantastic way of teaching and very informatic, presentation and materials are so so good
Bou Ghaffar
Dealer License Picture
Sugar Lang, Texas

This training session was very helpful. Thank you
Gustavo Ortiz
Houston, Texas

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