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This course was very helpful and covered everything you need to know to legally run a car dealership. I would def. recommend it.
Chancey Marsh
Texas Dealer License Student 7
Caney Creeks Auto Sales
Conroe, Texas

The video course for the dealer license certificate was well explained and easy to follow. All of the policies, rules and regulations were well informed including how to proceed with the forms to obtain the license. Thank you for providing such great service!
Michael Ngyun
Picture of Texas Dealer License Student
Houston, Texas

I am very satisfied with the delivery of this course. The trainer was super duper knowledgeable and his delivery was exciting and up-tempo. Highly recommended.
Femz Onyez
TX Dealer License Student in Dallas
Clearfax Auto
Dallas, Texas

Very informational, no bugs, straightforward to use
Houston, Texas

great training, definitely recommend!
Nancy gonzalez
San Antonio, Texas

Very educative program and I’ve really learn a lot, thanks giving us such opportunity
Mubarak Ibrahim
Muibra LLC
Fort Worth, Texas

Great course and worth the money
Haltam City, Texas

The training course was wonderful. The lectures presented via videos and the information was great. The quizzes were straight and right to the point, and I learned a lot about paying a car that I didn't know. It would be nice to stop and continue the video from where you left off; yet, that's a technical issue. I would definitely recommend this training to anyone who needs it.
Daniel Knox
Crowley, Texas

Excellent course. Everything was put together in an easy to understand format. Reference documents for review during the year are easily accessible should I want a refresher any time. Will definitely come back to review
Andre Estridge
VAM Auto Sales
Dallas, Texas

very good training and information.
Raylon Bennet
Fort Worth, Texas

Very informative
Raylon Bennet
Lindsay Motors
Haltam City, Texas

A great learning experience!
Pereowei Godwin
Texas Dealer License Student 26
Lewisville, Texas

I love this online program. It was easy to understand and move through
Domonique Donegan
Fort Worth, Texas

Very informative, I learned a great deal in a very short amount of time. Highly recommend!
Haltam City, Texas

perfect class good training you can go back and review anything if you need it in the future
mhd basem akkash
McKinney, Texas

I love knowing how i can successfully run a dealership business and i have learned a lot thanks to all these videos
Maria Gonzalaz
Edinburg, Texas

Absolutely fabulous!
Houston, Texas

Great course. Easy to follow and understand. Straight to the point.
Jessica McCarter
TX Dealer License Course Graduate
Cleveland, Texas

The training was very good and informative. I recommend this dealer training course to new and experienced businesses because of how informative it is
Constantine Ononye
Texas Dealership Lot Training Course
C.O Truck Sales, LLC
Murphy, Texas

Pretty good stuff
William Grubbs
Arlington, Texas

This website is A Good knowledge on how to Run a Professional Dealer ship Buisness They have All the Answers You will need to No To make sure Your Buisness Runs professional. REMEMBER 100% Compliance Equals 100% Profits . Good luck Everyone
Breeana Newkirk
Newkirks Auto Sales
Victoris, Texas

Great information. A lot of valuable information given. Long, be well worth it.
Melissa Higgins
Classic Recreations
Flower Mound, Texas

The 6-hour training was very informative and easy to follow along with the narrated video. The course covered a significant amount of information that would have been pretty hard to digest without the narrator providing additional perspective. The training also emphasized the more important details which was helpful. The tests were also helpful to reinforce key requirements. It was also nice to be able to pause at anytime during the training while saving the progress you made so far. This allowed me a break during the day. Also nice to have access to the website and all the resources I will need going forward with the business
John Gunter
Houston, Texas

A little bit too long. Been selling cars for a long time, pretty much all the information I already knew. Most people who open their own dealership have been in the car world a long time. Maybe make 2 separate training classes. One for experienced sellers or managers like me and have it 4 hours long. The second training course 6 hours long. Other than that, I had no problems with the training course.
William Perkins
San Antonio Texas Dealer License
Auto Hub
San Antonio, Texas

I found the class to be informative and supportive. It was lengthy but very necessary. As a new dealer, I appreciate the time that was taken to clearly explain every aspect of the course. I also like the idea that if we have questions, we can go to the video or written library.
Timothy Hall
Cyprus, Texas

Great traing learned a lot
Bridgett Williams
Texas Dealers Training Course
Stafford, Texas

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