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It was a good course, I learned a lot and recommend to all car dealers.
Mansoor Yari
Small Busines Owners that Have Taken Texas Dealer Edcucation
Auto Clinique and Sales
Dallas, Texas

The trainer was excellent in explaining all aspects of the Car dealer business. He was tourelle in everything
Nedel Hussein
Cyprus, Texas

this is the best online training experience i have ever had. it was a straight forward training . Thank you very much
kelechi diala
Richmond, Texas

Taking this course has helped me better understand the rules and regulations of what it takes to be a dealer in Texas. Great preperation tool
Alyssa Ayala
Denton Texas Dealer License Student
Lakeside Customs
Denton, Texas

Great job!
Nohemi Ortiz
Person Opening Car Lot in Texas
El Paso, Texas

Detail oriented that help you understand all the details of opening your own dealership will be passing the word about the course and helpful it is and easy to use thank you.
Oscar Florez
Garland, Texas

Very well explained and detailed. excellent training very helpful
Jose Tellez
City Motors
Laredo, Texas

Great program with a lot of great info. Would recommend 100%
Charles Devecki
Red Beard Motorsports LLC
Arlington, Texas

Very helpful Easy to learn and straightforward I would love to learn even more in depth
Claudio Scollo
Cars 4 Life
Haltom City, Texas

Great course!
Julio Infante
Dallas, Texas

It was great!!! verry easy program, verry helpful information it was not to fast or to slow. It was really helpful all the links to know how to fill out the forms and what you can do or what you cannot do. it was great. Thank you for this course.
elsA IBarra
Big Brothers Collision, Repair, and Mechanics
Dallas, Texas

Javier Ramirez
Finishline Auto Sales
Dallas, Texas

very easy to you use very helpful videos i highly recommend
Soloman Osmani
Keyes, Texas

Very detailed and informative dealer license training course I appreciate it!
Noah Shaw
Bandera, Texas

Loved how much they explained everything and all the important details helps alot.
Sharda Molina
Arlington, Texas

Very easy to understand and informative!
Shyar Mustafa
Auto Team Houston
Houston, Texas

Great course! Very informative and not boring like most others seem to be.
James Gibson
Burleson, Texas

total recommend it
Jose Vasquez
Hempstead Tire and Wheel Houston, Texas

The dealer training is as easy as it can get. Clear tone and explanation throughout the videos.
Very easy to follow through and comprehend.
You learn a lot with this training!
Khalid Elhaj
Ambulance Depot
Houston, Texas

Super Easy.
The information its clear.
Monica L. Landa
McAllen, Texas

This is very good and comprehesive training.
I learned a lot!
Oladapo Oduba
Cypress, Texas

The course was really helpful and informative. Definitely helped me a lot to get a better understanding.
Melissa Hernandez
Eden's Auto Sales
Houston, Texas

Very helpful videos
Ameed Abuafeefeh
Car Care and Sales
Dallas, Texas

Great training!
Zemindar Drepaul
Tomball Auto and Computer
Tomball, Texas

No words can’t explain ❤❤❤❤❤
Israel Omar Gonzalez
Prisa Unidos Auto Group
McAllen, Texas

Simple quick and thank you!
Reza Khaladj Esmaily
Texas Dealership in Alamo
Alamo Auto
San Antonio, Texas

The course was so helpful and showed me everything that I need to know plus I learned stuff that I’m sure if I didn’t do this course I will not learn easy.
I really like how everything was explained and step by step, it’s like after this course, you don’t need any more information on everything, it’s in the videos.
Ahmed Algazali
Dallas, Texas

Great training, easy to listen to and follow.
George Garza
PLS Auto
Dallas, Texas

Course was easy. very helpful information. I recommend this course
Oscar Garza
Texas Auto Sales
Dallas, Texas

Went by very fast. Lots of info included to keep for future use.
Stacy Penney
PSP Sales
Mansfield, Texas

The explanation for each topic is excellent!
Ilsy Urias
Irving, Texas

this course was very helpful and covered everything you need to know to legally run a car dealership. I would def. recommend it.
Chancey Marsh
Caney Creeks Auto Sales
Conroe, Texas

The course was definitely informative. I feel like I have acquired the necessary information that will most certainly come in handy. Thank you you. Will recommend :)
Daniel Dominguez
El Paso, Texas

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