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The training covered all aspects about starting car sales business from licensing to sales and all Texas and Federal laws. I as a potential car dealer learned so much from this training and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in going into car sales business.
Vincent Ojeman
Vvado Motors
Sugarland, Texas

It was a nice course to review and update all the information right before renewing the dealer license.
I appreciate it and thanks to the guy being so clear and detailed.
Linet Vartanniavartanians
Prosperity Motors
Carrollton, Texas

Very good videos, with good quality and explaining.
Definitely would recommend anyone trying to get a dealer license, makes it very easy to obtain.
Questions/tests were very well done, easy.
I would definitely give this a rating of more than 5 stars if I could!
Wisam Kh
Lone Star Sales
Arlington, Texas

The course was amazing !! and very helpful and covered everything about the dealer business and I suggest everyone to get it!
Abdelmuhimen Albakri
Haya Auto
Webster, Texas

I think it was a very informative course. The gentleman had a very good tone.
Temple, Texas

It was very informative course and very helpful, I recommend it to anyone
Abanob Ibrahim
Jump and Drive llc
Humble, Texas

Great Course! Very helpful and will keep me updated
Jerry Fontenot
Karbach Motors, LLC
Houston, Texas

Good video
Firas Khudhair
Texas gold auto llc
Kenndale, Texas

Course was easy and explained new updates
Kathryn Kemp
Kenndale, Texas

Good information provided for new dealers.
Henry Parker
Texas gold auto llc
Bedford, Texas

Easy to navigate,the narrator makes every topic really easy to understand
David Jaramillo
Dallas, Texas

An informative and well paced educational program. Very easy to navigate.
Rodrigo Ortega
El Paso, Texas

Enjoyed the course! Could use a little music or short intro in between the modules just to make it a little more interesting. Overall very informative and educational
Benjamin Auto Group LLC
Dallas, Texas

I enjoyed the program and it was extremely informative.
Steven Short
Runaway Ideas
Rhome, Texas

Excellent training course. Very helpful.
Amy Hall
Kingwood, Texas

This was a very educational and informative class. The instructor was easy to follow and clear and thorough.
Reginald Hardy
Hardymobile Motors
Fresno, Texas

well worth the review I have been a small dealer for several years. lots of good information.
Melanie Singleton
Singleton Collision
Amarillo, Texas

That was a great course to take , very easy to understand with the examples they give , even if it not for license renewal I do encourage all dealers to take i
Mohammed Alkhaffaf
Auto Path
Houston, Texas

Easy to use. Very useful and interesting
Ramon Rodríguez
Houston Texas Dealer License Student
Melrod Autos LLC
Houston, Texas

Great training course! Course covered a wide range of helpful information required for a person applying for a Texas Dealers License
Matt Mata
San Antonio Texas Dealer License Student
SAN-TEX Motors
San Antonia, Texas

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! It says a 3 hour course but it was closer to 3.5
Warren Hill
Lone Star Remarketing
Lubbock, Texas

Was very surprised how user friendly the entire dealer license course was. The step by step education process on starting a dealership was very helpful and made it easy to complete the process. Thank you for making it so easy.
Mary Brannon
Zion Auto Group
Dallas, Texas

I enjoyed my dealership training course. Lots of information but very easy to follow along. Important info is always repeated and you always available.
Rudy Martinez
Express Fleet Auto Exchange
Fort Worth, Texas

This was a very helpful and comprehensive license training program that I would highly reccomend to anyone that is considering opening a vehicle retail sales establishment. The courses were straightforward and very informative.
Michael Grimes
Spring, Texas

great dealer course it really helps alot.
Claudia Jaramillo
Dallas, Texas


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