Texas Dealer eTag

How to Dealers Use Dealer eTags

Dealers in the State of Texas can use what are known as eTags when they have received a Texas Dealers License.

I would like to cover latest Texas Department of Motor vehicles updates regarding the LEGAL usage of your etags

I want you to be aware that the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles has seen a dramatic increase in the illegal use of etags so I want to make sure you are using your etag correctly 

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A Buyer eTag may only be placed on a vehicle you have sold to a "Buyer" You would never place a buyer etag on a vehicle that is still part of your inventory.

Next lets take a look at Dealer Vehicle specific Dealer tags may be issued and affixed to a vehicle in the dealer’s inventory used for vehicle demonstration, transit from dealer-to-dealer, travel to auction or on a loaner car assigned to a consumer whose vehicle is being repaired. When sending a vehicle to the auction, a dealer may wish to issue a vehicle specific tag for the specific vehicle that will be driven to the auction to be sold. Additionally, vehicle specific tags contain the vehicle’s VIN number and cannot be moved from vehicle to vehicle.

Another type of tag is the authouized agent tag Upon entering into a written agreement with its agent or employee, a dealer may issue an authorized agent tag. This tag may be moved from vehicle to vehicle and does not contain a vehicle VIN number.

An eTag must be displayed and secured in rear license plate holder •Does NOT need current inspection •CANNOT display signs on vehicle •Valid from 1 to 60 days •Title must be in name of or assigned to dealership •Do Not affix to vehicle carrying a load

 •Do Not use for personal business
•Do Not affix to vehicles sold in a retail sale in place of a buyer tag.

And the final type of eTag is an Internet Down Tag Internet Down Tags – Internet Down Tags are issued when the internet or eTAG system is down. These tags must be printed prior to the system being unavailable. After printing, the tags must be kept in a secure location. The tag must be manually filled out prior to affixing the tag to the purchased vehicle. The dealer is responsible for ensuring that the tag is assigned to the purchaser in the eTAG system within 24 hours of when the system becomes available in order for the proper customer information to appear in the event the customer is stopped by law enforcement. Same requirements and uses as a buyer tag. As a reminder •Do Not issue additional tags on a previous retail sale

•Do Not offer for sale any temporary or internet down tags

•Do Not issue tags for vehicles not in your dealer inventory •Do Not allow unrestricted personnel access to tags

Safegaurding Temporary Tags In an attempt to prevent fraud and/or misuse of temporary tags, all eTAGS have multiple security features.

I want to give you some contact information You can contact the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles at 512-465-4205 888-368-4689 www.TxDMV.gov Enforcement@TxDMV.gov

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