Texas Dealer Training Course Reviews Page 16

Very informative. Recommend 100%
Ramon Alvarado Kummerow
Houston, Texas

Great course, straight to the point.
Armin D
Conroe, Texas

Very informative class. The material is clear and can apply easily
Ussan Dessi
Auto Star
Fort Worth, Texas

Everything explained briefly and perfect
Shamel Wippy
Dallas, Texas

Very informative and easy to understand! Plenty of resources to help after the training.
Mike Jones
San Marcos, Texas

This was a great primer for getting our GDN license. It was thorough yet clear.
Christopher George
Houston, Texas

The training was very insightful and helpful. the instructor was detailed in his course step by step. I would advice every one who wishes to own a dealership to go for this training once in every other time to help dealers stay abreast on top of their business as it gives a proper guideline on do's and don'ts into the business.
udoka ogbulogo
Grand Prarie, Texas

Very interesting and good course. I love it
Arnold Kazadi
Express Auto Sales
Bedford, Texas

Very informative course. I actually learned quite a bit and will be referring back to the course when I get started with my business.
David Rogers
Canton, Texas

Loved this course now im about to use my proper knowledge to work for grubbs nissan to get more insight
Jampn Manassa
Arlington, Texas

Lots of great information and clear explaination of the laws and process to obtain a license.
Khalilullah Zemarialai
Phantom Auto
Rockwall, Texas

Good and efficient knowledge
Ryan Mattingly
Mooringsport, Texas

great course. very informative. The teacher was great in his presentation. thank you
Isaac Maldonado
San Antonio, Texas

I am so grateful for such an amazing instructor i was able to learn exactly how to become a dealers.
jamkirea williams
Faith and motors inc
Houston, Texas

The course was very thorough and informative in covering all relevant areas regarding what any dealer should know. I would definitely recommend this course to any perspective dealer. 10/10.


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