Texas Dealer Training Course Reviews Page 12

Nicely made. Very good very helpful
Sixto Quezada
Ferris, Texas

The course was informative and easy to follow. I really liked the test as you go method.
Vicente Lopez
San Antonioa, Texas

Very instructive course with a lot of knowledgeable materials.
Willie Johnson
6 stars auto sale
Fort Worth, Texas

The course is incredible, it tells you everything you need to know in a summarized and easy way.
Marcos C
Mission, Texas

Very thorough and to the point. Very easy to understand the way he explained things. I’d highly recommend to any other dealer needing training.
Texas Dealer Course Student
Best Value Auto Sales LLC
Luftkin, Texas

Course is very helpful and informative. It's a great source for review as well.
El Paso, Texas

I appreciate how the trainer explained everything in the course so well and easy to understand. I was able to understand everything to do very well on all my quizzes. I appreciate this course for everything I va learned so far in obtaining my dealer’s license.
Marcus Johnson
Crowley, Texas

The course was very thorough allowing you to follow along at your own pace. The facilitator did a great job presenting with relevant scenarios throughout the lessons.
Xavier Perez
X Auto Sales
San Antonio, Texas

i highly recommend this course
Bianka Banda
Palm View, Texas


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